• What's iBam?

    Designed with precision in Singapore and crafted with love in Indonesia, the iBam™ introduces the world into an entirely new way to experience technology and sustainability.


    Now, we've taken the experience that people love and made it profoundly better. It's the ultimate bamboo speaker and we think it's going to change how you listen and do...just about everything.

  • iBam™ Story

    The iBam™ introduces the world into an entirely new way to experience technology and sustainability. 

    The Craftsman's Tale

    In 2010, as requests for iBam grew beyond our capacity, we decided to seek help from craftsmen around the region. We're very thankful to have found good hearts and creative hands in Indonesia to produce iBam so that the rest of the world are able to have this amazing product.

    The Human Touch

    Let's take a sneak peak into the human connections that we have fostered, from the craft community like Pak Reni and Auntie Ira, bamboo harvesters and architects like Wawa (green architect), Pak Joko (community builder), Memeng and Frans (field researchers), physically-challenged youth to Sister Xaveria (head of physically-disabled rehabilitative centre) and Panut (orangutan conservationist).

  • What we are doing

    We love our community and nature!


    It takes a village to raise a child.

    We at Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) represent the non-profit community organisation that builds Singapore's first experiential learning village campus to nurture a 5 G World that is more Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded, and Grateful with the 21st Century Kampung Culture.


    Best music experience ever crafted.

    As orders went beyond our capacity, we found good hearts and creative hands in Indonesia. We exchanged knowledge, experience and expertise with village bamboo artisans, and merged traditional heritage with innovative design to craft each masterpiece by hand.


    It takes courage to raise children.

    For the natural elegant pouch, we collaborate with amazing women like single mothers and those from financially-challenged families, through AO and CO, a social enterprise by Anna Tsang, a fashion designer, bridging income and social gaps in Singapore and beyond.


    Sustainable design shaped by nature

    Your iBam is naturally black and its skin is carefully preserved by our artisans from its original source without any dye coating. Each iBam is unique and may have natural blemished which enhance its character. Black bamboo is a grass and it grows much faster than hardwoods.

  • iBam Series

    iBam has been evolving and would like to customize to suit everyone needs

    iBam Landmark: Singapore Skyline

    iBam Landmark is our latest series to celebrate SG50

    Red Velvet

    iBam Red Velvet signifies prosperity and good luck

    Natural Black

    iBam Natural Black blends in well in any environment

    Classic Gold

    iBam Classic Gold gives the natural color of bamboo

  • What our customers say

    Perfect gift for any special occassion


    "What could be better than a tube of bamboo that amplifies your iDevice or Andriod phone in a sustainable way? The iBam creates a superior, bamboo-infused experience."


    "A handmade amplifier. Plus, there are no wires or electronics."

    Olive Ventures

    "Voted the Top Green Product of the Year. A significant portion is paid forward to support makers like traditional craftsmen and women, and programmes for community engagement."


    "The next-gen music speaker is really just hollow bamboo. It provides an instant audio boost to any phone. How ingenious!"

    Embedded Sustainability

    "A product that removes beyond green to smart and is a true symbol of embedded sustainability."

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    We're passionate about crafting the best music experience for you anytime anywhere!

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    Contact number: 8145 1343

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